January 13, 2020

Dear Stupski Fitness Members:


Over the past 7 years, Stupski Fitness has been able to provide a safe and fun workout environment for hundreds of people in our community. We are grateful for the opportunity to have done so.


As it comes to no surprise, I have not been nearly involved in the operations or culture of the gym as I have in the past. Actually, I have been near next to non-existent with in-gym operations and client relations which have created a culture inside of the gym that you as a client of SF should be entitled to so much more.


Which brings me to the reasoning for this announcement.


The Stupski Family has agreed to terms with a buyer to sell Stupski Fitness and as per the agreement with the buyer,  the Stupski Family will cease providing in-person coaching operations on January 19, 2020, and the new owner, a previous employee of Stupski Fitness, Ariel Hendricks will take over her business operations starting January 20, 2020.


After careful consideration and discussion, it was a no-brainer to make this transaction idea a reality. Ariel is full of passion when it comes to helping people reach their goals and provide a high-level, safe exercise environment. 


What was even more of a “deal-sealer” for this transaction to happen was the fact that Ariel is fully committed to making sure that there is no stoppage in the service you are currently receiving, if anything she will greatly enhancing the client experience. Ariel also plans on bringing back the very successful boot camp model that so many in our community got to know and love.


With any transition, there comes into question about the current staff. I want to give you an update on all the staff at Stupski Fitness.


Deidra, as most of you may know is my aunt. We have been in constant communication during the entire process and she is set up with new job opportunities already and has expressed her gratitude to the entire SF community. 


Constance, who is a dear friend of ours, has been working closely with me as I am helping her with her pursuit of following her dream as she will continue to run her own coaching and nutrition services. If you are currently a nutrition client of Constance’s and wish to continue working with her she will be in touch with you extremely soon to continue your coaching relationship!! If you have interested in working with Constance as your nutrition and accountability coach, she would love to hear from you as she will be taking on only a few more clients. Feel free to reach out to her via email  or by text message 607 296 0482.


When it comes to Darrius, he has been informed about the transition and has been extended an opportunity to remain on to continue to fulfill an excellent service with his coaching and training in the Semi-Private program! So, if you are worried about losing your Semi-Private training sessions with Darrius, fear not!


When it comes to your current membership, Ariel has also agreed to honor all existing memberships that are involved with Stupski Fitness Semi-Private training. This means that not only will you see little-to-no change in service offerings, your current membership, or schedule. You’ll also reap the benefit of being involved with someone who is bringing back beloved programs like boot camp and possesses the hunger and eagerness to reinvigorate the culture at the gym! Believe me, you’re in great hands!


If you are on the fence and unsure about this transition of ownership, I am going to encourage you to see it through for the next 30-days at minimum to let Ariel and Darrius show you how the service will be elevated, adding in the beloved boot camp again, and creating a high energy / community-centered culture!


I cannot stress the amount of excitement I have to see Ariel take the reigns and make the gym great again! 


I have provided Ariel with all of your contact information and well as your current membership information so that she can reach out to you in the next few days to get everything situated. I will NOT be sharing any financial or payment information with her. She will contact you to get it updated for her system.


Ariel will also be announcing the training session schedule within the next couple of days that will allow you to start making reservations for all of your future kick-a-- workouts.


I want you to think of it this way. It’s going to be the same service (if not better), new programs, with whole new energy and a different name.


If there are questions or concerns regarding the service change please contact me or by text message as I cannot guarantee I will answer your call due to my schedule - 607 768 1172.


Be excited about the new journey that you’re about to embark on as you are getting in on the “ground floor” of something that will become very special.


Thank you for a wonderful 7+ years in such a supportive community!


Wishing you the very best,